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lisa-shapiro-blue-candy-jewelry.pngBlue Candy Jewelry is a line of chic, elegant gemwear that is both exciting and addictive. BCJ features the finest natural precious and semi-precious gemstones in collaboration with sterling silver, yellow and rose gold, as well as leather to create current, fresh body candy that looks great with a white t-shirt as well as that little black dress. Based In Southern California, BCJ's vast collections include pieces perfect for a professional office setting, as well as sophisticated resort wear. There is truly a collection for everyone. BCJ is in front of the pack, studying fashion trends so that the new collections compliment the latest fashions as they hit stores. 

BCJ's lead designer, Lisa Shapiro, worked for many years in the motion picture industry where she worked with costume designers and stylists. However, it was a family life-altering event that changed everything. Lisa's daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes forcing her to re-think her life. She decided to slow down and assess what was important in life. Designing jewelry allowed her to be home near her family. She began by designing her daughter's medical bracelets and from there, she began designing custom pieces for friends and colleagues. She gradually spent more and more time creating beautiful collections from her hillside home alongside her two beautiful daughters. She became the best kept secret in Los Angeles as her uncanny knack for fashion and her keen eye for detail lead her into the creation of stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. This eventually resulted in the establishment of Blue Candy Jewelry. 

Lisa's travels have allowed her to establish strong personal relationships with gem dealers all over the world enabling her to hand-select gems to use in her collections. Her passion for life comes out in these pieces which are truly made as a labor of love. BCJ believes strongly in striving for one's best in everything you--and that includes what you wear. The belief is that we are all blank canvasas waiting for a bit of color, which these collections definitely offer. 

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